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Seafarers are persons who are under employment of a ship’s owner to perform services on board a vessel at sea – they take part in the vessel’s operation and maintenance as well as the provisioning of those on board. Seafarers spend months on a vessel and their employment can take up to six years. A vessel requires handling of sophisticated navigational, engineering and cargo equipment as well as management of daily social life of the crew members. The tasks are very demanding and require high level of focus and agility, hence very high standard and specific medical examination tailored to seafarers.

The purpose of the medical examination is to ensure that the seafarers is medically fit to perform both their routine and emergency duties at sea and they will not suffering from any medical condition likely to be aggravated by life at sea. Any seafarer that fails to meet to the standard will not only render him or her unfit for service, but will also endanger the health and safety of other crews on board.

In Malaysia, Jabatan Laut Malaysia is the authority who administer activities related to shipping and ports including maritime affairs and policy within Malaysian waters. Jabatan Laut Malaysia also maintain a set of heath standard for the seafarers. Klinik Bukit Serdang is a registered clinic under appointment from Jabatan Laut Malaysia and we are fully certified and equipped to perform medical examination conforming to the department’s standard.

The medical examination services provided by Klinik Bukit Serdang include, but not limited to, vision assessment and correction, speech and hearing assessment, physical capability assessment, medical assessment, fitness assessment, medication assessment, X-ray and medical surveillance requirements.

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Seafarer Medical

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