Scaffolding Medical Examination / Perancah (DOSH)

Complying the requirements of the Regulations 25, Factories and Machinery Act (FMA) (Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction)(Safety) Regulations 1986 requires specific industries to hire a competent Scaffold Erector who manage the 11 types of installation for scaffold. The Scaffold Erector helps the main contractor to meet the requirements of FMA.

As part of a successful registration for a Scaffold Erector, DOSH have outlined medical examination to cater specific needs of the employment. In addition to the standard examination, the medical checkup also include color blindness / deficiency, vision field abnormalities, nervous system dysfunction / disorder, psychological disorder, drug abuse, alcoholism, physical abnormalities, risk of cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure / hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, hearing impairment and risk of respiratory disease

At Klinik Bukit Serdang, we provide Occupational Health services to all level of employment according to DOSH standard and guidelines. We have the best doctor, caring nurses and the best facility to fulfill the needs of the Scaffold Erector.

To learn more about this service, feel free to contact us at Klinik Bukit Serdang for additional inquiries and clarification.

Scaffolding Medical Examination


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