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Safety Health Officer(SHO) Examination(DOSH)

The Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Regulations 1997 which came into force on 22 August 1997 requires specific industries to hire a competent Safety and Health Officer (SHO) to manage, handle and resolve issue related to the safety and health at their workplaces, if the total contract price of the project exceeds RM20-million. The SHO must complete a course of training in occupational safety and health and passed the examination conducted by NIOSH. The candidate must also possess a minimum of 3 years working experience in the area of occupational safety and health before he or she can register with Department Of Occupational Safety And Health (DOSH).

In management of a worker’s health, DOSH have outlined medical examination to cater many different levels of employment. These are pre-employment medical examination, pre-placement medical examination, health surveillance, medical removal, rehabilitation, return to work, follow-up of health of the vulnerable groups, investigation of occupational poisoning or disease, health promotion and post-employment medical examination. Each level of medical assessment requires specific focus and details.

At Klinik Bukit Serdang, we provide Occupational Health services to all level of employment according to DOSH standard and guidelines. We have the best doctor, caring nurses and the best facility to fulfill the needs of SHO and the workers.

To learn more about this service, feel free to contact us at Klinik Bukit Serdang for additional inquiries and clarification.

Safety Health Officer(SHO)


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