Rapid Medical Examination

There is a saying, “early bird gets the worm” and I can’t agree more. In the fast-moving and competitive world we are living today, there are needs for Rapid Medical Examination to permit us to report into an organization as fast as we possibly can to grab an advantage. Such organization can be a workplace, a boarding school, a college or a university.

Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, Rapid Medical Examination is made possible by the creation of advanced test equipment, rapid test kits and accelerated process and procedures. This however requires additional investment in purchasing such equipment, test kits and not to mention the hours of training demanded to handle the new equipment or test procedures.

At Klinik Bukit Serdang, we believe in investing to meet the client needs. And because we are specialized in providing Occupational Health services, this allows us to extend the services unfairly easy to Rapid Medical Examination. We are proud to share with you that our prices are among the lowest in Selangor and we have the best doctor, caring nurses apart from the best facility.

Based on the medical examination requirements, our clinic can cater different medical examination criteria. To learn more about this, feel free to contact us at Klinik Bukit Serdang for additional inquiries and clarification.

Rapid Medical


RM90 - RM260/1.5 jam
Medical examination
by registered OHD
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